Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Message from Phil Adams, Principal JH/SH & Central Elementary

God has blessed me with being part of three schools over my 33 years as a teacher and administrator. Each school has had a unique ministry and place in my heart. As unique and irreplaceable as these schools have been, one thing was constant: change. No two years have ever been the same. Just as with individuals, organizations are always on the move. By necessity we seem to be constantly re-inventing ourselves to stay current, adjust to a changing culture or economy, or to meet the needs of the generation we are ministering to. This change can be exciting and invigorating, but it can also be painful.

“God, this organization is perpetually on the road to the future: relocating, reorganizing, revising, restructuring, retooling, reinventing. And all this change results in an endless string of bruises, dislocations, cuts, strains, and breaks. No matter how necessary it is, every change hurts someone.

“There is so much pain in this world, God. So much loss of health, energy, love, opportunity, happiness, security, and due reward. These wounds are very real. So many of us are working wounded every day; it is a miracle that we accomplish so much. Touch us, Father. Console us, heal us. I know you love each of us, even those who choose to live far away from you or who injure themselves needlessly.

“The loss we cannot control is bad enough, God, but how I hate it when we do it to ourselves. We try to function like a family, but when family members hurt each other, it is worse than if we did not care about each other at all. Our caring for each other binds us together, but the grief is all the more intense when feelings are hurt and relationships are severed. We need your healing.

 From Leadership Prayers, by Richard Kriegbaum

“I am the Lord who heals you” – Exodus 15:26

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