Monday, October 25, 2010

Message from Chris Moore, International Department

God is always at work. We just need to be willing to open our mouths and speak. I’m always so encouraged by the boldness of my daughter in law Tomi. She is always talking to people and always finds a ways to turn the conversation to the Lord. Now I’ll admit, I do not have her boldness to speak to perfect strangers, let alone about the Lord.

Last week an old friend of hers and my youngest son contacted them out of the blue. It had been 3 or more years since they’d spoken. He was a friend from their “bc” days. They began talking back and forth a bit so my daughter in law invited him to dinner which then turned into an invitation to come to our bible study to which he accepted. At the bible study we were discussing relationships, specifically husband and wives and children and parents from Ephesians 5:22-33. Now mind you, he’s a single guy and we’re talking about marriage & relationships. I thought, oh well, great word but not something that’s going to reach this guy and yet when the invitation was given at the end of the evening, without hesitancy his hand was in the air wanting that relationship with Christ.

People everywhere are hungry for God’s word. We shouldn’t be questioning whose ready, who wants to hear. God just wants us to open our mouths, to invite people, to be willing to speak His word. Not to question the place, the time, is it applicable to their life, just speak and allow Him to do the work.

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