Thursday, November 18, 2010

Message from Donna Thornton, West Campus Art

As we approach the Thanksgiving season, hopefully we ponder what we are thankful for. One thing that seems to be close to the top of everyone's list is friendship. People recognize the importance of friends. One great friendship in the Bible was that of David and Jonathan. They had a bond that we all desire. What was it that made it so special? Two things: First, Jonathan "took great delight" in David. (I Samuel 19:1) To me this is saying I should "take great delight" in my friends. People with similar abilites, interests, and people who also have a deep faith in God are those who would make a friendship like the one between David and Jonathan. Secondly, and more importantly, was the covenant they had before the Lord. This addresses trust.

I have had many friendships in life, and I am so very thankful for all of them. Have any of these friendships ever reached the plateau of that of David and Jonathan? Yes! I think of my high school friend, Deanna, my teacher friend of 35 years, Janice, my church friend, Peggy, I would trust these with my life. They are there through thick and thin, they know all about me and still love me, and that is a covenant kind of friendship. Of all my friends though, there is one that stands far above the others, and that is my friendship with Jesus. I walk and talk with HIm daily. He's there when no one else is available, he knows every evil thing I ever did, and he forgave me, washed me white as snow, and give me the best advice. I take "great delight" in Him and we have a covenant. There is no better friend. I wish that all could know Him. This is what I'm most thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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