Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Message from Donn Start, Principal West Valley Campus

Our conversations with God are as varied as our personalities, our circumstances, and our questions. Here is a style of prayer used by Guideposts magazine writer, Pam Kidd, that I found fascinating and have enjoyed using myself.

Ms. Kidd suggests using a direct approach when speaking to our Heavenly Father. As part of her morning prayer routine, she begins by centering herself on God, thanking Him for the miracles of His creation. Then she tells God how much she wants to surrender her will to His, and she states her desire to turn over all of her problems to Him.

Next she quietly listens.

“Is there anything You want to tell me, God?” she asks. In the silence, Kidd says, that her mind clears. She often feels a breeze ruffle her hair; a sense of well-being comes upon her.

Next she asks specifically for direction. “Is there anything I can do for you today, Father?” A list forms in her mind of people that she needs to check in on, possible notes to write to those needing encouragement, or other offerings of love and/or assistance. Sometimes more - sometimes less.

That’s Kidd’s style of prayer. Nothing dramatic, just an intentional submission to God’s direction for the day ahead.

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