Thursday, October 6, 2011

Message from Lois Leader, High School Teacher

I am going to use my blog space to make a shameless pitch (some pun intended) for a hymnal that is well worth owning. Actually, the term “Psalter” would be better. The title is “The Book of Psalms for Singing” and it is published by the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. The Psalms are set to familiar hymn tunes and are easy to memorize through music. This is not really surprising, since their purpose was originally to be sung.

Here is a sample of Psalm 46 set to the tune of “A Mighty Fortress is our God”:

God is our refuge and our strength,
A present help in our distress.
We will not therefore be afraid
Tho’ all the earth should be removed.
Tho’ mountains great be hurled
Into the ocean’s depths,
Tho’ seas may roar and foam,
And billows shake the shore,
Tho’ mountains tremble at their power.

As a side note, this particular Psalm is a blast to sign! Anyway, I highly recommend this Psalter as a devotional tool. It is, of course, available on Amazon.

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