Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Message from Janet Preston, Bookkeeper

My daughter has been struggling for the last two years with anxiety and a mood disorder. She sometimes wonders why God allowed this to happen to her, but she never questions his faithfulness to her. She has been my inspiration and God is using her to teach me new things. She wrote this poem and I wanted to share it with all of you.

How Can You Love Me?
By Abby Preston

How can a girl like me,
Be loved so deep and dearly?

My daughter do not think such,
For you know that I love you very much.

But I mess up in every way,
I mess up differently every day.

I know of all the sins you have done,
But you'll always be my little one.

I do not deserve your love,
Or your care from high above.

My son died for you,
To show you that my love is true.

Please forgive me of my sins,
That are piled up in bins and bins.

My girl since day one you have been,
Loved by me and forgiven.

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