Thursday, April 28, 2011

Message from Dave Huss, High School Teacher

When Sylvia and I were married in 1967, we planned to immediately do our part in fulfilling Gen. 1:28 - to 'multiply and replenish the earth'. I had for years wanted 5 sons. I envisioned five tall strapping basketball players surrounding me, their father-coach. All my wife had to do was cooperate and provide the sons. Months passed, however, and no children, not even a pregnancy. After 2 yrs. the doctors informed us that we would never bear natural children.

Following the death of that vision, God showed his grace to us in another way. In 1970, through an adoption agency in our state, we took delivery on a little 4 week old boy- an unwanted child- whom Sylvia and I wanted very much. We named him Daniel ( God is my Judge). In the subsequent years the Lord has continually shown us that the Judge of all the earth did right in allowing us to shape this life for His glory.

Our desire was for son #2 to arrive within a year of Danny. Shortly after Danny's birth, however, our state passed legislation legalizing abortion. Suddenly, hundreds of adoptive parents, including us, had to wait for years to adopt a child, as thousands of unborn children were denied life. When our infant son finally arrived, we named him Michael, (Who is like God?) for who but God can prevail upon the spirit of a woman to give an unwanted child life? or time the birth of a precious son?

Two years later, the Lord brought us a living jewel. Having repented of my plan for all male children, we adopted a 5month old Korean girl, whom we named Rebekah. Though her natural mother abandoned her, God had chosen her before the foundation of the world. She, at an early age received the adoption that comes by and says 'Abba', (Daddy) to our God.

About 2 yrs. after Becky arrived, some very unusual and certainly God-directed circumstances brought to us three-month old twin girls- Guatemalan Indians. We named them Ruth and Rachel. They come from a background of poverty, but are now richly enjoyed by Sylvia and me as they enjoy life and spiritual treasure of faith in our Lord Jesus.

Our 6th child, Joel ( Jehovah is God), a Mexican American, came home to us in 1980 as 2 month old. Joel was a rejected child, with a parental background perhaps as undesirable as anyone can imagine. Joel, however, was chosen to fill a place of tremendous worth in our family.

Our 7th child, Gabriel (Man of God) came as 19 month old from a poor Haitian orphanage. His life came very close to ending as an small infant in Haiti, but God preserved him for His purposes.

A year later, 1985, an adoption agency called and said,' We know you have 7, but we have a little mixed race baby here who needs a home. Can you fit one more in?' In spite of very difficult financial and logistical straits, God gave us great peace to bring Nathaniel (Gift of God) on board.

We have been continually thankful for the 8 fold blessing on our family which has now been multiplied and replenished with 15 (this summer 16) grand children. I remember looking down the supper table before any of the kids left home reflecting on two things:

First, Sylvia and I are deeply grateful to 7 women, each from a distant place, who chose life for their offspring, when they could have chosen otherwise. Above that, we still give thanks to the Spirit of God, who directed the path of each child to our home.

And then I often think of the words of Isaiah 25:6 picturing the lavish banquet God promises to host for all peoples on Mount Zion. At family gatherings (over 30 people now) the Lord allows me, in very small measure, to experience the deep joy the Father will have on that day, looking down the banquet table at his children he has chosen from all over the world.

He is the One who sustains the fatherless, who sets the lonely in families. He provides the Spirit of adoption and gives parents joy as they see their children walk in Truth.


  1. I appreciated your phrasing "repented of my plan for all male children." It speaks of the ability to see the image of God in female children as well as male. Adoption is a beautiful way to represent through our own families what God has done for us.

  2. Dave: Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your journey and God-inspired insight. Blessing!

  3. They each have such beautiful adoption stories. I can see that our Lord as greatly blessed you for your willingness to infold them into your heart. What an inspiration!

  4. Thank you for sharing the story that God is painting in your life and those of your family. I have never heard the details and it is inspiring to hear of God's graciousness and blessings given to you and Sylvia.

  5. Dave - Thanks for sharing. My wife and I went to school with Dan & Mike. I would've never known they were adopted at the time :) We now share in the joy of adoption of 2 children ourselves and have seen how God has used it to grow us all to understand God's adoption of us as sons and daughters.
    We are both working work for World Orphans now.
    Here is a short document on the Theology of Adoption you may enjoy reading.


  6. Through my tears I can barely write. I am so touched by your testimony of God's goodness! My father, who will be eighty-one next month, shared with me one day, "I am glad I was always too dumb to plan my own family!" Isn't it awesome when we allow God's will to be done in our lives?

  7. WOW! What a story Dave. Thanks for sharing your story of blessing each of these children of God with a loving part of your family. God bless you as you minister to the next generation. :)


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