Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Message from Irma Flores, Second Grade Teacher

My devotion comes from Numbers 27:1-4 which tells of the daughters of Zelophedad.

Since only sons inherited property under Hebrew law, Zelophedad's family would not have land in the Promised Land. So the daughters approached Moses, Eleazar the priest, the princes and all the congregation and spoke for their father who did not join the company of Korah in rebellion. They requested an inheritance in their father's name since he had no son. Moses brought the matter to the Lord and He showed favor in what they had requested. The daughters weren't looking for personal gain but were wanting to preserve their family line which God valued. God gave them an inheritance and thus made a change in the Hebrew law. I am impressed at the courage of these daughters to approach their leader and a large group, and also their loyalty to their family. They spoke up and were able to change Hebrew law to benefit daughters, too. I pray for myself to improve my courage, to make changes to benefit others, and to be loyal to my family and my family in Christ. May your daughters also be a blessing to you.

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  1. Irma: Great insight. Thank you for sharing. At times we find it easy to think "What difference can I, just one person make, in government" This little known passage in scripture is a good reminder of what God will do through a handful who are passionate and active and willing to speak up.


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