Friday, February 11, 2011

Message from Judy Musgrave, WV Preschool

The New Year…

As you move forward into the New Year, how are you going to interpret the events of the past? What meaning are you going to give to the traumatic moment of your life? What meaning are you going to give to the moment in life when you got rejected, when things didn't work out, when you may have been living your worst nightmare? What meaning are you going to give to not getting what you want?

One of the best and fastest ways to cut cords with your past and jettison yourself into a more compelling future is to give the traumatic events of your past an empowering meaning.

Did these events happen "to you"? Or did they happen "for you"? Are you a victim of your circumstances or are you the powerful co-creator of your life? Did these events make your hopes and dreams impossible or were they lessons? Are you never going to get over it or are you willing to step into the unknown with an even stronger sense of resolve and even MORE open heart? Is life a test or is life a journey?

What new and empowering meaning can you give to the events of your past? How can you flip the script on even the seemingly worst moments of your life and tell a new story about them? What new models of the world are you willing to create that will empower you? What are you waiting for?

Caroline Myss, has been quoted saying "You can get bitter or you can get better." The choice is yours.

Be honest with yourself. Is there a part of you that gets to feel loved by others when you tell a sad story? Is there a part of you that feels more significant because "no one understands you"?

If you choose to become more empowered, you have to let go of these stories from your past and start telling new ones. Start telling stories that say: "I am always loved"; "I am enough"; "All I need is within me now"; "God is for and never against me"; "Hard times are challenges to overcome and show me more of who I really am"; "I am strong".

As you tell more empowering stories, you will be given opportunities to prove to yourself that you truly believe the new story. This is what it means to welcome the challenge! You will become stronger, more loving and life will expand.

So I ask you, my friend, what story are you telling about your part? Are you ready to start telling a new one?

Side note: This was shared with me by a friend who knew some things I had gone through this past year. Yes, I realize we are well into our way writing new stories in our lives. Think about it…for me 2010 I have no regrets only lessons learned. It was a journey God wanted me to walk and I praise Him for it. 2011 I claim as my year of CHANGE!! Change is in the air what do you plan to do with it?

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