Monday, February 14, 2011

Message from Jim Koan, Superintendent

INTIMACY…With the Almighty

“Jesus didn’t act unless he saw his father act. He didn’t judge until he heard his father judge. No act of deed occurred without his father’s guidance…

Because Jesus could hear what others couldn’t, he acted differently than they did. Remember when everyone was troubled about the man born blind? Jesus wasn’t. He knew that the blindness would reveal God’s power. (John 9:3). Remember when everyone was distraught about Lazarus’ illness? Jesus wasn’t….It was if Jesus could hear what no one else could...Jesus had unbroken communion with his father.

Do you suppose the Father desires the same for us? Absolutely!...God desires the same abiding intimacy with you that He had with his Son.”
            Just Like Jesus, Max Lucado

Don’t ever doubt, no matter who you are, no matter what you have done or where you are in you walk…God is waiting for you at the door.

Matthew 5:12 reads Rejoice and be glad, for you have a great reward waiting for you in heaven. That reward is not a lofty title, nor a full bank account nor (in homage to Valentine’s Day) a big box of chocolates. No, our reward is an unending audience with the Creator of the universe; no tears are found in his presence; no goodbyes; no judgment. On the day of our heavenly homecoming we will run to Him, be scooped up in His arms, and know an intimacy unknown on this earth.

Makes you want to ‘go home’ right now…but we can’t. Our work on earth is not done. There are ‘Billy Grahams’ to train here at PCUS: there are ‘Mother Teresas looking to have modeled for them agape love and devotion to God; there are still ‘Abraham Lincolns’ passing into your class ready to learn what it means “…to be on God’s side; for God is always right.” (A. Lincoln, c1862)

No, your work and my work is not done here. But each morning God waits at the door for us to come and respond to His knock. Intimacy awaits…and so too our great reward.

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