Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Message from Phil Adams, Principal JH/SH & Central Elementary

After half a century of salvation I have always regretted never having read through the Bible. Well this year I am going to do it. For Christmas I asked for, and received, a One Year Bible. Each day I read a passage from the Old Testament, one from the New Testament, some Psalms, and a few Proverbs. I am looking forward to how God will bless and challenge me over the next year.

Recently I read the passage in Genesis where Abram decided to tell a fib to Pharaoh by telling him Sarai, (his wife) was really his sister. He was afraid Pharaoh would kill him to get at Sarai. Never mind that put Sarai in a pretty awkward spot with the most powerful man in all Egypt, and never mind that brought judgment down on Egypt and many innocent people suffered. Never mind also that Abram’s fears were not unfounded. The Bible doesn’t record that God expressed any displeasure with Abram, but that is probably a given. Abram feared death more than he loved Sarai. Maybe he figured Pharaoh would take Sarai one way or another so why not live to tell about it. In this one instance at least this particular Pharaoh had more character than Abram because not only did he let Abram live, but gave him back his wife.

Often we rationalize our way out of tough ethical spots in the same way Abram did. It’s funny/sad the lengths we will go to avoid danger, discomfort, inconvenience, or confrontation. I can’t be too hard on Abram. He was human like the rest of us. We Christians are prone to cut ethical corners at times. We usually have pretty good reasons for doing so, or so we think. May that never be said of Phoenix Christian or those of us who minister here.

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