Friday, September 10, 2010

Message from Lisa Blake, Counselor

Wait for Me, yea, wait; I will come and heal you (Matt. 8:7)

Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid (John 14:27)

Trust in Me and have confidence in My mercy (Ps. 91:2)

George MacDonald writes this really moving series of books called The Parish Papers. He paints this beautiful scene of this parish pastor and his young family. One morning, he takes his daughter, Connie, out for a ride on their favorite horses. While they’re riding, she begins to talk with her father about having no idea what God’s will could be for her life. She desperately wants to know what to do but feels like God must be keeping it from her. As they continue on this dialogue she has an almost fatal accident and completely loses all movement in her legs. She now faces en entirely different life, a life completely dependent on others and Christ. In a conversation soon after the accident, her father asked her if she remembered their talk on that dreadful morning; she wanted something to “do.” He said, “God gave you something to do.” She answered, “Lying in bed, doing nothing!” And he responded, “Yes. Just lying in bed doing His will!”

And although I’m sure that was much easier said than done…really isn’t that what Christ wants of each one of us? To rest in Him, to wait on Him, to trust in Him…regardless of the tribulations we encounter. Regardless of who forsakes us, betrays us, or dishonors us. In spite of debilitating sickness, the loss of a loved one or economic distress, Thomas Kempis writes, “Think not yourself wholly left, although for a time I have sent some tribulation, or even have withdrawn desired comfort; for this is the passage of the Kingdom of Heaven.” The Kingdom of Heaven is ready now but we cannot pass through UNLESS we choose to wait, rest, lie down and do His will.

Later in The Parish Papers, Connie reflects on her life…”you wouldn’t have me back with my old foolishness would you? Believe me, life is ten times more precious than it was before. I feel and enjoy and love so much more! I often thank God for what befell me.”

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  1. Lisa,

    This is beautiful. This book has moved powerfully in your understanding of the life God has given.

    Jeff Blake


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