Friday, September 24, 2010

Message from Bruce Consier, Athletic Director

This past summer one of the greatest coaches passed away just short of his 100th birthdate. John Wooden was the great basketball coach from UCLA. What made John Wooden great was not basketball but what he taught the young men under his care.

One of his favorite sayings was," Dare to be a Daniel/Dare to stand alone/Dare to have a purpose firm/Dare to make it known."

His father taught him to live by Godly standards and he did that his whole life. Upon John's graduation from grade school he was handed a note card with the following 7 creeds that his father wanted him to live by.

1. Be True to Yourself.
2. Help Others
3. Make Each Day Your Masterpiece
4. Drink Deeply from Good books, Including the Good Book
5. Make friendship a Fine Art
6. Build a Shelter against a Rainy Day
7. Pray for Guidance, Count and Give Thanks for Your Blessings Each Day

If we could live a life according the 7 Creeds listed above, we would impact the world.

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