Monday, September 27, 2010

Message from Irma Flores, Second Grade Teacher

What a blessing it is to teach Bible each day. My desire is for students to learn more about a loving God and to see the Bible as a treasure to be explored and claimed. As teachers, God holds us accountable for what we teach and he also uses each lesson for our spiritual growth. I may catch myself exhorting my students on a truth and the Spirit quietly speaks to me at that moment and asks, “Are you doing that?” or “Have you done that?” I am thankful He is still working on me and that I can still hear His loving voice.

Joshua has been our Bible Hero for the past 3 weeks. I love to read about Joshua, Moses’ faithful assistant and God’s leader for Israel. The following is from the Teacher’s Edition Devotion:

Joshua no doubt learned much from Moses about loving God’s Word and serving Him. You are the model and mentor God has placed in the lives of your students. Allow them to see you loving God’s Word. John Calvin stated, “Let us, therefore, labor diligently to learn the contents of the Book of God, and never forget it is the only writing in which the Creator of Heaven and earth condescends to converse with mankind.” Think carefully about the things you value. Students want to emulate leaders. Ask God to help you be the kind of example that will draw children to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Esteem God’s Word by making time in your class this year for reading the Bible together.

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