Monday, January 28, 2013

Message from Laura Huizenga, Choral Music Teacher

Are you needing a little encouragement at this point in your semester?  How about counting the “spiritual blessings” we have in Christ Jesus, according to Ephesians 1?

 We have Grace.
We have Peace.
We have every spiritual blessing in Christ.
He chose us in Him before the foundations of the earth.
He chose us to be holy and blameless in His sight.
He acted towards us in love.
It was His pleasure and will to predestine us to be adopted as His sons.
Our adoption results in the praise of His glorious grace.
He gives us that grace freely in the One He loves, Jesus.
We have redemption in Jesus through His blood.
We have forgiveness of sins.
God has lavished the riches of His grace on us with all wisdom and understanding.
He was pleased to make known to us the mystery of His will (all things=under Christ).
His choosing us and predestining us was according to His plan and will, which He always works out perfectly.
We who hope in Christ are for the praise of His glory.
We were marked in Christ by the seal of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit guarantees our inheritance until our final redemption.
We are God’s possession.
We are given the Spirit of wisdom and revelation.
We may know Him better (and better, and better…)
We are called to a future hope and a glorious inheritance as His saints.
We have access to His incomparably great power—resurrection power!

Jesus, who was raised from the dead and seated at God’s right hand far above all other powers and titles for all eternity, has been appointed as our head.

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