Thursday, May 17, 2012

Message from Donna Thornton, Elementary Art Teacher

On The Seashore

Sunday in our Bible class we were talking about Jesus' appearance on the seashore to the disciples who had gone fishing.  I thought it was interesting that Peter needed to be doing something while he was waiting on the Lord so he went fishing. Jesus seemed to be okay with that since he was preparing a little barbeque fish lunch for them on the shore. 

   Sometimes I get a little over anxious while waiting.  I often wonder how many years of life I could add if I was given back all the wait time.  Given this story in the Bible it seems that it may be a common human problem, not just a modern day problem.  So, is it better to be doing something while waiting?  I think so.  I'm often amazed at the calming effect this has and also the many everyday tasks that can be checked off my list by doing so. 

   Another thing the lesson brought out, that I hadn't thought of before, was the personal characteristics that Jesus demonstrated as he encountered these seven disciples - kindness, generosity, empowering teamwork, and servanthood. He didn't give them a lecture. Instead he gave them a job," Feed my sheep". 

   My birthday last week gave me a few moments of reflection concerning time.  Life is short.  I hope that in the time I have left I will take these lessons to heart. I want to use my waiting time, work together with others, and also take seriously the task of feeding the sheep.

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