Monday, April 20, 2015

Message from Faith Daniels, MS Drama Teacher

Comfort in Affliction

"They will see My Face; In their affliction they will earnestly seek Me."
Hosea 5:15

O My People, has not My hand fashioned for you many signs and wonders? Have I not ministered to you in miraculous ways? How is it you say therefore in your hearts, "I will turn again to human strength"? How often have I spoken to you, and never failed to keep My word? Will you not, then, trust Me now in this new emergency, even as you have trusted Me in the past?

Your need is greater this time, and so I have made the testing more acute. I strengthen you in the furnace of affliction, and purify your soul in the fires of pain.

Lean hard upon me, for I bring you through to new victories, and restoration shall follow what seems not to be a wind of destruction.

Hold fast to My hand, and rest in My love, for of this you may be very certain. My love is unaltered; yes, I have you in My own intensive care. My concern for you is deeper now than when things are normal.

Draw upon the resources of My grace, and so shall you be equipped to communicate peace and confidence to your dear ones. Heaven rejoices when you go through trials with a singing spirit. Your father's heart is cheered when you endure the test and do not question His mercy.

Be like a beacon light. His own glorious radiance shall shine through you, and Christ Himself will be revealed.

Excerpt from
Come Away
My Beloved

Frances J. Roberts

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