Monday, January 6, 2014

Message from Irma Flores, Second Grade Teacher

Welcome to a New Year and a New Today!

In my study I learned there are "two golden days" that I shouldn't worry about:  Yesterday and Tomorrow.  Yesterday with all it's cares, blunders, wrong acts I cannot undo or wrong words I cannot unsay, are passed and in the hands of our loving God.  Sweet memories are ours to keep.  And the other day of course is Tomorrow.  It holds all possibilities but like Yesterday, it also is God's.  So one day is left for me in the week--Today.  Today is mine to live. 

Matthew 6:34 
"--But, Lord, tomorrow!
Did I not die for thee?
Do I not live for thee?
Leave Me tomorrow!"
                                   ---Christina Rossetti.

Springs in the Valley

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