Friday, December 9, 2011

Message from Keith deLaet, High School Teacher

Keep it simple. That’s my vow this Christmas. Of course it has started out a little bit rough with a trip to the Emergency Room and a Kidney Stone procedure with a complication. Upon further reflection, now feeling better, I believe that the experience has just added to the resolve that birth of our Lord Jesus Christ is meant to be observed in simplicity. The fact that He entered the world in the manner in which He did, simply, and the fact that Mary and Joseph were people of simple means really drives this home, at least for me. So this year, I’m dusting off my simple list which is provided below, in hopes that in a quiet moment, or a simple gesture, or an inexpensive way, we all can have a magnificent moment in the presence of Jesus!

Merry Christmas!
Keith de Laet

12 HOLIDAY FAMILY & DEVOTIONAL IDEAS (using the 12 Days of Christmas)
1. Open an advent calendar
2. Spread out your holiday gift giving
3. View holiday specials together and have a group discussion.
4. Donate to the Thrift Shop.
5. Pick an Angel Tree gift
6. Bake and wrap gifts for others, talk about why these people are important.
7. Make an event out of decorating for the holidays
8. Visit free light displays, the electrical parade, etc.
9. Emphasize family meals
10. Attend at least one Christmas church service
11. Have a family wrapping party
12. Establish a holiday tradition – May I suggest watching or reading Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol?

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