Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Message from Karen Boyce, Business Manager

I am now “enrolled” at PC. I love it. A lot of green. A cougar mascot. Symbolism. But my inquisitive mind wants to know if there a deeper meaning for me and my new journey? So I began my homework…

Green. Green is the color seen as tranquil and refreshing bringing about peace, natural balance and self-control. Ahhh … now there is a Biblical target.

Cougar. Cougars can leap vertically and horizontally. Their eyes are spaced to maximize visual acuity and distant sight. They have strong, short limbs that lead to large paws with retractable claws. The easiest way to determine the presence of a cougar has been to confirm the imprints or “pug marks” left in its track. Their pug marks are distinguished by three lobes and are large – about the size of an adult hand. Because they retract their nails, their footpath lacks nail marks. They are able to sprint, but also can lope at an even, long-striding pace. Cougars cannot roar, yet they are the largest cat that can purr.

Now I’m really thinking… and praying …

Dear God,
As I walk my daily journey at PC, please …
… help me to be a person that others will see as “green”- a peacemaker, calming, refreshing, with self-control and balance. Remind me to speak truth in love, not a roar.
… provide me visual acuity here, yet guided with eternal perspective.
… direct my path so that, like a Cougar, my “pug marks” can leave identifying characteristics. Help me walk a path that each step is distinguished with three lobes - the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Please let the largeness of any imprint be measured only by the size of God’s presence. Help me to be “retractable” when needed so that my path does not leave any evidence or reminder to others of my ability to wound through defensiveness.
… Thank you for already providing me with the short limbs.  Let my gait be known as graceful yet strengthen me to lope at a pace that sustains a long-stride so that no step is ever too big, the path ahead too long, or I become too weak to fulfill your kingdom purpose.

PC … Thank you for welcoming me along this journey and I truly am blessed at the opportunity of this footpath alongside each of you. Go Green! Go Cougars!

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  1. Karen,
    Amazing! Great insight into cougars, green, PC...loved it. Glad you are "enrolled" here at PC and making a difference through the kingdom work here.


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