Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Message from Lisa Blake, Head Counselor

So let's just say being a mother of 4 is certainly the greatest challenge of my life! This last weekend felt like an episode of Nanny 911 except I didn't have the Super Nanny flying in to save the day. After a long trying day on Sunday, I escaped out to the front porch to try to find my way back to sanity.  As I let out a deep sigh, I found myself reflecting on the "centering" prayer that Jeff taught that very Sunday morning at Joy. "Be still and know that I am God." So I began with Be Still. Why is this so hard for us? I ask this question to my kids all of the time. Why can't you just be still? I'm sure that's what God's asking us.  Why can't  you just "be" Lisa? I want you to be still with me Lisa. I want you to be with me Lisa. I want you to be still and know Lisa. I want you to be still and know Lisa that I am. I want you to be still and know that I am God Lisa. Be still when you're trying to make dinner and you have two little ones crying for your attention. I Am God! Be still when you look at that stack of 50 essays to grade. I Am God! Be still when you hear the news you've always dreaded. I Am God! Be still when you're head is pounding, you're back is aching, you're stomach churning. I Am God! Be still be still be still. I wonder how many more times I 'll need to hear that before it becomes second nature. It's almost as if we cannot really KNOW God until we are still. I often reflect on my grandfather's last few months. With his memory failing and his body deteriorating, I imagine him in his stillness and can't help but believe that He was in this powerful communion with His God. 

The funny thing is even just sitting here for these few minutes tonight "being still" I find myself breathing more deeply, experiencing the peace that can only be found when we rest in the truth that He Is God!

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