Monday, August 20, 2012

Message from Phil Adams, Superintendent

Matthew 13

I was reminded in the worship service yesterday that the quality of soil is not the primary concern of the sower.  His job is to scatter the seed as far and as wide as possible. In the short term it would seem to be more efficient if he got to decide where the seed would go, but that would only slow him down over the course of time. Make no mistake, the fruit that the seed will bear will reveal the soil in due course.  Our students are "soil". No one knows but God whether they are fertile or not. Their soil may be thin. It may be choked with weeds. But just like soil can be amended, cultivated, watered, and fertilized, people, especially young people,  do not remain static. And thank God we are not responsible for the quality of the soil, just the spreading of seed. 

A criticism often leveled at Christian schools is the lack of maturity of their students. They can be indifferent, even hostile to spiritual things. They may be lukewarm or uncommitted. Christ's disciples were all adults and He often admonished them, yet they changed the world. Our kids will change the world too. Let's be as patient with them as others were of us.

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